Abraham Ogunlende (Painterabe) Is a multi-disciplinary Artist and painter from Lagos, Nigeria.. His paintings debuted at his Show titled “Culture Shock”, in 2014 at Terra Kulture Lagos. Majorly exhibiting in the US and Nigeria, most recently exhibiting at Sao And the Muse 2 were he painted a vintage BMW as an installation. Other installations include a mural at Club Escape in Victoria Island, and a hand painted Keke Napep in Onikan, Lagos.

Abe believes that Art has many fields and genres, and as an Artist, you should not conform to just one creative form of expression. Abraham also dabbles in Music, Fashion/merchandising, and occasionally Short films.

As an artist, Painterabe's goal is to paint a picture in minds of others no matter the medium of creative expression being used. He wants to help break from that perception that as an artist, you should be boxed into one form of being creative. This is simultaneously the concept behind his popular painting series, titled, Bloom. 





Culture Shock - Terra kulture,Lagos - January 2014

Bloom Art Show - Eko Hotel, Nigeria - December 2015



Raw Artist Showcase - Philadelphia, U.S.A - November 2014

Afrikulture -  Lagos, Nigeria - April 2017

Forestation - Lagos, Nigeria - May 2017

Sao and the Muse 2 - Lagos, Nigeria -  July 2017